We are just over half way through the term and it is pleasing to see how hard the senior students are working, and the effort they are putting into their learning. It has also been great to see a number of senior students meeting up with teachers to receive feedback and support with their learning at all times of the school day. We encourage them to keep up the dedication to their studies and to reach out to their teachers if they need assistance.

Another milestone was marked off for our 2024 year 12s when over 280 of them received their 2024 jackets the other week. It has been lovely to see them proudly wearing their jackets around the school.


Proposed Year 11 Central Australia Trip

The college has tentatively booked a 9-day trip to Central Australia starting in the last few days of term three and in the first week of the term break. An online information evening will be held on Monday, 25th March. Information will be sent via Compass with the details of the Webex meeting.Please contact me – kel@mwsc.vic.edu.au if you have any questions in the meantime.


Accessing Student Learning Task Feedback

As we progress through the semester your student will begin to receive feedback on their assessment tasks. The steps outlined below will allow you to access a summary of all the Learning Task comments and grades your student has received so far for all their subjects. This can be accessed at any point in the semester prior to the formal end of semester report being released.

  1. Log onto Compass using your parent access details.
  2. Click on ‘View Academic Reports’
  3. Click on ‘2024-2024 Semester 1 Current Learning Tasks’
  4. A report will be generated that will include all Learning Task comments and grades currently entered on Compass for your student. Note: if no Learning Task data has been entered a report is unable to be loaded.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Term One Parent Teacher Conferences will occur on Wednesday 27th March. There are no scheduled classes on this day. The parent teacher conferences will take place virtually using Webex between 1-7.30pm.. Bookings will open to parents/carers next week. Please check Compass for information.

School Drop Off and Pick Up

School Drop is a busy time around both campuses of the college. There are cars, pedestrians and cyclists all moving around during this busy time. Please be patient around these busy times so we ensure all students get to and from school safely each day. We also request that parents do not use the staff carparks on either campus when picking up or dropping off students.


Tips and strategies to support your child in VCE

During the past few weeks students completing VCE subjects have started to complete assessment tasks. The jump into VCE is always a big one and at times students and their families can feel overwhelmed and anxious.

Please ensure that your child talks to their teacher and the year level co-ordinators if they are having difficulties with the work.

Some of the top tips to assist in VCE success include;

  1. Create a study timetable and stick to it (for Year 12 students this should be 3 to 4 hours a night)
  2. Find a place to study and set it up
  3. Don’t study with a mobile phone or devices – they are a distraction
  4. Practice applying your knowledge – not just remembering it
  5. Use mind maps, graphic organisers and tables to summarise the main points
  6. Use the expertise of teachers – they are always happy to assist you
  7. Keep a good work/life balance – make sure you get enough sleep, exercise and social time. If you have a part time job, be mindful of spending too much time working at the expense of study time.
  8. Study time includes revision of work covered, not just homework.
  9. Make sure that you regularly complete homework and revise. Build up the time and do so every night until it becomes a habit.




Ms Lauren Kelly
Acting Campus Principal – Senior School